Our Story


The FairyGod Planner is founded by two young individuals who believed that romances are the key factors in managing one’s relationship. With vast knowledge and experiences in events management industry, these two individuals have an undying passion and yearn for this special day among couples to be executed perfectly. The FairyGod Planner strongly believe in bringing fairy tales stories to everyone who are be worthy of.

You can always upgrade to a bigger diamond, but you can never recreate memory

The FairyGod Planner is a one-stop solution to all marriage proposal and romantic events. We are able to create, plan, and execute a unique one-of-a-kind proposal which will inspire her to say “YES!”. The team take pride in any challenges thrown at them, whether big or small to ensure that they bring fairy tales alive to everyone who are be worthy of. They are a team of believers that a story worth writing, is a story without last chapter, so contact The FairyGod Planner today to get embark on your journey to happily ever after.